Google’s top exposure company mall website website search engine optimization (SEO)

This posting is the first step in Google’s top exposure, and we would like to learn about SEO, which is a search engine optimization for its mall, website, and website.

First of all, search engine optimization (SEO) 구글 로직 refers to the work of developing the structure and page of the website so that search engines can be easily understood so that its mall or website website can be exposed to Google’s top. The basic way to do this is to place certain search terms properly on a web page and make sure that there are many links connected on other web pages.

The first step of SEO is to know how the targeted search engines such as Google and Naver work and how to configure them so that the search bot can recognize and collect the contents on the website.


Blogs, cafes, and intellectuals-oriented contents are exposed, so it is not easy to expose them with the contents provided on the website. In other words, even if the content is the same, the content located in the Naver service is better exposed to the top of the search results than the content located on the homepage outside Naver.

On the other hand, Google provides a webmaster tool for homepage managers to check various information such as how Google search engines are currently collecting their homepage contents and whether each page is being indexed well. Therefore, it is important to optimize SEO by deciding which one to expose more importantly, Naver or Google.

Is it necessary to optimize the search engine (SEO) for Google’s top-notch mall website?

If you look at the ranking of search engines in major countries around the world, Google is overwhelmingly ranked first in the rest of the world except for only three countries: Korea, China, and Russia. If so, companies targeting countries other than Korea, China, and Russia should consider optimizing the search engine in Google first.

On the contrary, Naver is the most popular site in Korea. As of 2022, Naver has a 48.66% share and Google has a 40.87%. Therefore, if you are a company targeting Korean consumers, it is better to consider optimizing the search engine on “Naver” than Google.

Homepage of the company mall

The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Web sites

According to the digital marketing company Chitika, 91.5% of traffic is concentrated on the first page of the search results after analyzing the weblog of Google search results. In other words, if the company’s website does not appear on the first page of the search results when searched with keywords related to the company, the probability of obtaining potential customer traffic is significantly reduced to less than 1/10.

Within the first page, there is also a big difference in the traffic that is obtained based on the published ranking. You can expect 32% of total traffic when you’re number one on the first page, and 2% traffic when you’re number 10 on the first. This ‘traffic’ is an opportunity to generate sales. Increasing or decreasing traffic also greatly affects the company’s revenue and revenue.

However, as you can see just by searching, optimizing the website search engine (SEO) of its mall website for Google’s top exposure is by no means a simple task. Even if you have knowledge, it takes a lot of time for the work itself, and it takes a lot of time for the results of the optimization to be reflected in the search engine.