Many people visit overseas exchanges to trade futures

Hello, many people visit overseas exchanges to trade futures when coins are on the decline like these days, because futures trading can make profits by betting on short shots even when they are on the decline. So today, we’re going to talk about various events at the MEXC 거래소 사용법, one of the overseas exchanges that aggressively knock on the Korean coin market. In particular, you can receive experience money for futures trading through various events, and if you invest this experience money and make a profit, you can also receive full settlement of your profits.

To check the experience fund event, you can click the gift transaction on the top menu of the MEXC exchange and click the event on the top menu again. Another way is to check the banner running in the middle of the home screen.

Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Beginner mission

1. 10 USDT experience fee will be paid when 300 USDT is deposited

2. 20USDT experience fee will be paid when 500USDT is deposited

3. 40USDT experience fee will be paid when depositing 2,000USDT

Most of the above missions are events where you can receive twice the amount of the specified experience money by simply depositing money. In addition, there is an event where you receive 5USDT for the first futures transaction of more than 1,000USDT and 80USDT for the 7 days after the futures account activation exceeds 200,000USDT.

2. Daily mission

In addition to the event in which new users who join KYC as their invitation link and participate in futures trading, there is an event in which they receive 5USDT, and if the cumulative futures transaction exceeds 10,000USDT, they will receive a 1-50USDT experience fee randomly.

3. MEXC Invitation Event (9/11-9/21)

Up to 70MX+50 USDT


During the event period, a new subscriber who joined through a referal invitation link will receive up to 70MX (MEXC exchange coin) when participating in the transaction after KYC certification, and a gift experience fee of 50USDT will be paid just by KYC certification. However, the gift experience fee will be paid after the KYC review is passed.

In summary, sign up through the link above and receive 50MX if the spot transaction volume exceeds 2,000USDT, and an additional 20MX if you deposit 6,000USDT during the event period. In addition, if the review is completed after KYC certification, you can receive a 50USDT experience fee.

If you don’t have an ID for the MEXC exchange yet, you can receive SVIP-grade commission benefits and new invitation events by signing up through the link above. Please keep that in mind!

※ Caution: After withdrawing from the membership, new subscribers will be excluded from the event, and payment will be excluded if fraudulent activities such as viewing or multiple accounts are confirmed.

4. Gift feedback and compensation programs

To strengthen communication with users, you can submit meaningful feedback on futures trading on the MEXC exchange as an event held on the MEXC exchange. In particular, it is an event that pays 20 to 1,000 USDT in case of problems or suggestions on ways to improve them in futures trading.

5. For participants in the individual gift trading competition

You will get a chance to win one experience prize every day!


First of all, the total capital of the gift account must be at least 1,000 USDT to participate in the competition. Participants with a daily trading volume of 50,000 USDT or more will be given a chance to spin the lucky roulette each day in the newly filled 100,000 USDT prize pool.

6. Weekly Gift Event

An event is underway to pay experience money to new users who trade gifts every Monday from 1:00 to 1:00 on Saturday.

6-1. New users who accumulate more than 2,000 USDT among new MEXC futures trading users for the first 300 people will receive a gift experience fee of 10 USDT.

Even for the above event, you can receive an experience fee in duplicate with the no. 2 beginner mission.

6-2. If you meet the minimum required transaction volume during the event period, you can receive an experience fee. Please refer to the image below for the experience fee paid by the minimum total transaction volume.

7. Experience money is paid to users of futures trading with 21 times more leverage!

If the transaction volume is more than 5,000 USDT among new users who have traded gifts with 21 times more leverage, 5 USDT experience fee will be paid.In addition, users who trade at 21-125x leverage and have accumulated more than 10,000 USDT will receive the following rewards:

How to Use Experience Money

The experience money paid through the above various events is distributed to the gift account, so you can check the wallet balance of the gift account.

What you should be aware of when using the experience fund is that the experience fund can only be used for futures trading and is used for position deposits, fees, and advance deductions in case of loss.Please be careful because if you move the experience money to a spot account without profit, it will disappear immediately. You can literally think of it as a MEXC exchange offering enough money to experience futures trading.

I think it is a good opportunity to practice high-magnification leverage because you can open a gift position using the gift experience money as a deposit and only the experience money disappears even if it is liquidated.

Then, I will finish posting about the event where you can receive the experience money at the mexc exchange and how to use the experience money.